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Local Ownership, Local Knowledge, Local Lending Decisions

“Why should you choose Sunset Bank and Savings?” It is an important question. We understand you do not want to hand your money over to just any bank. You want a bank you can trust and has your best interests in mind. Here are a few reasons why you should choose Sunset Bank and Savings as your banking partner.

We are Locally Owned

Sunset Bank and Savings is a true Waukesha bank. We are owned by a large group of local investors who live and work in this community – people just like you.

We are Locally Committed

The sale of shares in Sunset Bank and Savings was restricted to Wisconsin residents to ensure we stay focused on our community. Sunset Bank and Savings also invests in the success of the people and businesses of Waukesha County, helping our local economy thrive.

We Keep Decisions Local

When you apply for a loan at Sunset Bank and Savings, the decision is not made by someone else in another state. All decisions are made locally right here in Waukesha, ensuring a quick turnaround.

We Have Local Knowledge

You may recognize some of our staff when you visit Sunset Bank and Savings. That’s because they live and work in Waukesha too. Our intimate knowledge of this community helps us understand local economic trends and opportunities which can then enrich our customers lives.

When you choose Sunset Bank and Savings as your banking partner, you are not simply picking someone to hold your money; you are choosing a community bank that is committed to helping you achieve your financial goals. Contact Sunset Bank and Savings or stop by our Sunset location today to see what a true Waukesha community bank is like.